file shuffling

January 19th, 2009 by Bramz

Today, we’ve restructured the file hierarchy of lass a bit. Here’s what has been done:

  • The directory src has been renamed to lass. This allows you to include the headers from your working copy into other projects using the #include <lass/foo/bar.h> way. It used to be that you either had to install lass, or had to copy the headers from src to a directory lass. But not any longer.
  • The directory containing the test suite has been moved one level up, next to the new directory lass, and is now called test_suite. This agrees with how lass is build, with two build targets: the library lass and the executable test_suite.
  • All Python related headers and source files have been given their own directory lass/python, instead of hiding within the util directory and other places. So now you will have to use #include <lass/python/python_api.h> instead of #include <lass/util/python_api.h>. This will allow us to better organize the Python code.

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