LASS chooses CMake as build system

November 5th, 2008 by Bramz

We’re proud to announce that LASS now uses CMake as (meta) build system. From a single set of cross-platform configuration files, it generates makefiles and workspaces, suitable for the native build tools available to the individual builder: GNU make, nmake, different flavours of Visual Studio, KDevelop, … The only dependency introduced is an installation of CMake on the local build system, whether installed from binaries or build from source.

I’ve been experimenting with it for a while an a feature branch, but now it has officially been committed to the trunk. Gone are all the old visual studio projects, build scripts and automake-file-generator-scripts. Their replacement consists of a shiny new CMakeLists.txt file in the top directory, and some of its kin.

The test suite has been reformatted as it is now driven by CTest, which is also part of CMake. As an upshot, it is now easier to run individual tests. Test and build results can also be uploaded to our very own CDash dashboard!

And as last but not least, source or binary distributions or installers can be created using CPack, which is as you might guess also part of CMake.

There’s still some work left to optimize the usage of this new build system – it is a completely different way of thinking – but the main functionality is already in place.

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