building LASS

We use CMake to control the build of LASS. This allows us to maintain one set of makefiles (CMakeLists.txt), but still generate Visual Studio solution files for any version, makefiles for GNU make, makefiles for nmake, and workspaces for KDevelop and Eclipse.

Preparation work

  1. Download and install CMake.
  2. Create a build directory. CMake facilitates out-of-source builds. This has two benefits:
    • You can easily wipe out an entire build tree without harming your source tree
    • You can have multiple build trees per source tree. For example, to build with different compiler versions, or with different versions of Python.

Generating Visual Studio solution files

  1. Run cmake-gui and point it to the source and build tree.
  2. Hit configure. In case of a new build tree, CMake will ask what generator to use. Select the Visual Studio version of your choice and hit enter.
  3. In the configure step, make sure the right Python libraries are selected.
  4. After the configure step, press generate, and your Visual Studio solution will be created in your build tree.

Generating makefiles

to be written.