lass r1000

July 14th, 2009 by Bramz

We’re proud to announce our thousandth commit to the subversion repository. More than enough reason for a party, and we are celebrating the event with a special release: lass-r1000.

As an intermediate release, this is in fact version 1.3.8 of our trunk, and as such it is to be considered as a work in progress. However, we’re closing in on lass 1.4 and this release is a good preview. Most notable changes since lass 1.2 are:

  • Python:
    • Shadow classes have been refurnished using template techniques. The pointer type to the shadowee is pluggable to define ownership rules (by default util::SharedPtr). Tracked and weak shadow classes are get rid of, and downcasting happens automatically now. ShadoweeTraits have been introduced to help identifying the shadow class of a C++ type.
    • Multicallback as your powertool for callbacks between Python and C++
    • PyMap and PySequence have gotten new ownership rules: by default you get copies, to share ownership used util::SharedPtr.
    • PyExportTraits have been streamlined and are now more consistent and modular
    • Introduction of ModuleDefinition and ClassDefinition as a first class citizen to define Python modules and types. Although ClassDefinition is still hidden beneath the macros, ModuleDefinition can easily be manipulated directly.
    • Compatibility with Python 3.0
  • Restructuring of the directory layout of the source code
  • Ported to OpenSolaris

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